Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mmm...tastes good mommy

On a heat scorched day this summer, Clay and I were resting in a darkened house, fans blasting and AC spurting moments of cool air while watching Caliou. On this episode he helps his Grandma make juice with oranges, lemons and grapefruit and the secret ingredient of sugar. Clay was so excited to watch this. He kept turning and saying 'Juice Mama'. Which was strange because he had never had juice. Watching them hand juice the fruit it reminded me of a glass juicer my Grandma Helen had given me years ago. I went to the cupboard and there it was; simple, beautiful and shamefully never used by me. I searched the refrigerator and found four lemons and a couple of clementine oranges. I then gathered a pitcher and cutting board. I cut the fruit in half and set 'my project' on the floor. Clayton quickly ran over and I told him we were going to make juice. We squeezed the lemons and the pathetically small clementine oranges. (On a side note, clementine oranges are by no means ideal for squeezing but it was what we had.) By the end we were covered in sticky sweetness and had managed to get an inch or so of fresh squeezed juice in the pitcher. I was building Clay up for the secret ingredient of sugar like in the show when he grabbed the pitcher and chugged. I mean chugged, his head was back and the pitcher was up! He finished his gulp and put the pitcher down. His face scrunched up. Through puckered lips he squeaked out, "Mmm...tastes good mommy." What a sweetheart! I am going to teach him the word sour.

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  1. That is absolutely adorable! Love the pic!!
    I never knew you had a Grandma Helen also :D