Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In the morning I wake up...

Clayton constantly surprises me by what he says or does first thing in the morning. Some of it really catches me off guard and I have to imagine he is sharing his dreams with me. Today he woke up saying, "Tiny poop. Mouse tiny poop. Elephant tiny poop. Clayton poops." You might recognize the wording from Everyone Poops. It is a book that is definitely one of his favorites. But it was not read to him the night before and for that matter I have not read it in almost a week. Yesterday he woke up on a mission. He hopped out of bed and grabbed his boots. He kept repeating 'Papa boot, Papa boot'. He went on to tell me about the animals he could see at Papa's. Oh if only he get on his papa boots! There have been other mornings where he wakes up singing a song. Lately he has been making his own songs up. "Sing Baby. Sing. Sing up high." And I have to laugh when he tries prying me awake by pulling at my nostrils and yelling 'Mama up, Mama up'. I open my eyes and he sits back with the sweetest expression on face and simply says, "Oh! Hi Mama!" as if he had been patiently waiting for me to wake up the whole time.
Most mornings we gently wake up together and snuggle play for a bit before getting up. We tickle each other, give kisses, hide under the sheet, and talk about breakfast choices. We also sing our morning song, an idea passed to me by MamaRose. Good Morning, Good Morning. Good Morning to you. Then we pick different people or things to sing our song to. Daddy, Mama, Sun, Tree, and Cow have all been sung to. I treasure our first 5-10 minutes in the morning. When he wakes up refreshed and smiling I feel like he is saying, 'Thank you Mama'. What are your favorite things to do in the morning?


  1. oh, what a cutie pie : )
    and his sweet words!!! How nice that you have saved them in this space to look back on, too cute! A favorite morning thing to do for me is to just sit in the quiet of the morning before any one is awake and watch outside for deer, our little turkey family and other wildlife that comes to visit in the quiet hours of the early morning. Of course I happily invite my littles to join me after they wake their sleepy heads and usually I am told of all of their fantastic dreams that they have had. I love that so much!

  2. I really look forward to when Clay starts telling me about his dreams.

  3. I love your morning ritual! Especially how you choose the different people to say good morning to. That is special!