Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Clayton, Happy Birthday to you! Today is the day, it's Clayton's 2nd birthday! Today we had a Mommy and Clay day. I asked him what he wanted to do and he said, 'Eat pasta and cheese. Go to da zoo. See animals' And so we did! This past weekend we had a BBQ in the park with Chris's family and close family friends. Tomorrow he is going to a Children's Discovery Museum with a buddy. And this weekend we will be celebrating Great Grandma Ella, Cousin/Uncle Tyson and Clayton's birthdays with a family BBQ at my Dad's. A busy week, but one filled with family and friends to share in our celebration. As with his first birthday I am looking back on his past year in pure wonder. So much happens in these first years. His abilities have changed immensely in this last year. This time last year he was not walking and only said a couple of single words. Now I am greeted by a young boy walking, running, climbing, talking, singing songs, reciting nursery rhymes, helping to make his food, cleaning his messes, and very aware of his own likes and dislikes. As his independence, curiosity and communication build I have come to realize that he is beginning to embark on his own journey. I now also understand that his first year or so of life was my journey. I was his provider, protector, nurturer. It was my journey to learn how to be a mother. Thank you Clayton for guiding me. I strive to nurture him in all the ways that he needs as he takes his first steps on his journey. I treasure everyday we have together and enjoy the moments as they happen. I am excited to see where his journey will take him tomorrow, next month, next year and in twenty years.


  1. It is always so beautiful to me to hear the sweet words of a mama talking about her little one, I appreciate the sentiments you have written : )
    Happy Happy Birthday Dear Clay!! And Happy *Birth* day to you mama!!

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday to you Clay. My how you've grown into quite the cutie! We love and appreciate you in our lives. Thank you for being an awesome part of our family too!!