Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wish List

Painting with Children by Brunhild Muller recently arrived in the mail and is now off of my wish list. I often use the phrase, 'That will have to go on our wish list'. One day I wondered just how big our wish list had become so I actually made the list! Be warned this is a material list, nothing but 'I wants' are on it. I can't say that many of items have been or ever will be acquired. But seeing all of the wishes together helps to priotize them when we have a couple of bucks burning a hole in our pocket or a gift certificate to spend. It also acknowledges a wish, however materialistic, unrealistic, small or large it may be, which in some cases is all we need. What's on your list? Here are some of the other items on our list:
  1. new energy efficent windows
  2. drum for Clay
  3. garden gnome
  4. storage thing for the top of the car
  5. ballroom dance class
  6. tulip lens for the camera
  7. an overnight stay in Safari West
  8. soap nuts
  9. reuseable produce bags
  10. reuseable sandwich bags
  11. a trip to Ireland to see where my family came from
  12. picnic table


  1. Oh, and that thing that connects my camera to the computer so that I can download the over 300 pictures saved on the camera.

  2. The book Painting with children was a huge part of our Waldorf journey years ago! I truly love it and am so happy you have found it too! Have you started reading it or started painting? I would love to hear!

  3. I started writing about the book as a reply and realized I was writing a post! We been through this before haven't we!

  4. California Camping by Tom Stienstra
    is now added to the wish list.