Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Nature Table er...Bowl

The wind blew hard and invited us to create our new nature table (bowl) setting. We gathered the tree pieces that had fallen on the ground and built our forest. Then we found some wooden animals that live in the forest and finished it off with a couple more trees. This time the nature bowl rests on top of his book shelf. We take it down upon request. This is working much better than our first attempt! But the preschool teacher in me could just not settle with a nature scene that could not be played with so we made another one. The next forest we built was inside of a cardboard box. We found lots of different debris to build with. He added his animals which included a sheep, lamb, horse, giraffe and dinosaur. We pulled brown weeds to feed the animals. He happily looked around for other things to add and then settled in to play. We toted this box over to his Lita's when I had to go to work and even took it on wagon rides around the neighborhood where we found some really big leaves to add to it. I think I found my balance! I am enjoying the serene scene we created and the pine smells it brings into his room. And I am also enjoying the interactive nature box that changes with his play. Happy Winter!

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