Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Harvest Decor with a Toddler

I cut out some pumpkin shapes and had them out for a week for him to color or paint on. I separated the harvest colored crayons and set them out for him to decorate his pumpkins anytime.
Next we strung them up across the window. You can his pumpkins from the front yard!
We painted 'Round and Round' orange circles together. This was inspired by Clayton always wanting to stir whatever is cooking round and round. And then partly inspired because we had left over paint from the pumpkins. A couple of days later we added vines and leaves with crayon. I was curious to see if he would connect one pumpkin to the next. Nope, he marked each pumpkin individually instead. I had fun making curly vines all over the painting. I had grand plans for him to color his white pumpkin but it decided to spoil instead. I also attempted my first seasonal table display with him. I cleared off a small table in our front room, covered it with a scarf and placed a wooded bowl on top. In the bowl we put three mini pumpkins, a felted pumpkin from a Waldorf Workshop I attended at Syrendell, a felted acorn from Tizi at Fairie Bling and some silk leaves. It felt nice having a space for nature inside the house to connect him to the changing seasons outside. But truthfully the connection did not quite connect with him. He thinks every scarf is for Abracadabra and promptly ripped it off. He also continuously dumped out the bowl for the first couple of days. Each time we would put the items back in the bowl and name what they are. The felted items now rest safely on the mantle and pumpkins remain in the bowl unless they are needed for animal play. I think my next challenge is finding items he can put in our nature bowl that hold more personal value to him. Any winter ideas for a two year old? Happy Harvest everyone!

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  1. One thing that we really enjoy is while going on our walks, Tyler will find stuff that he likes to put in our seasonal table/shelf. We take his little basket with us. He picks up rocks, leaves, acorns, and sticks. I do let him know that the items we put on the shelf are to look at and touch, but to not remove from the area. He's seems to be ok with that, since it's not "off limits".