Friday, October 2, 2009

Look Mom!

The other day I turned to hear, "Look Mom, poop!" Clayton proudly exclaimed this with his hand stretched out to show me the nugget of poop he was holding. I managed to say, "Yes, that's poop" as I stoically shuddered inside and grasped the situation. Poop nugget in hand, diaper off, missing rest of poop. Then I said, "Show Mommy the poop" and we were off in search of the missing deposit. He lead me into the living where it lay on the carpet in a neat pile next to the discarded diaper. He beamed, there was poop. After cleaning up I smiled as I realized this was a 'Mommy Moment'. One of those quirky, out of nowhere, disturbing and yet proud moments that mommies totally relate to. His pride in showing me that nugget of poop will make it one of my favorites. Any favorite 'Mommy Moments' you'd like to share?

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