Friday, September 11, 2009

Fairy Homes

On a past camping trip when we were surrounded by majestic redwoods I could not help but notice all the Forest fairy homes. Some of them were quite large and might of been homes for gnomes. I grabbed my camera and went off in hopes I could capture a picture of a magical creatures. The following are photos of the chance encounters and dwellings that I did find. Click to enlarge the photos and if you wish to use them please ask. Enjoy! Gnome Homes perhaps? Evidence of mystical happenings in the Forest. I am pretty sure these were Fairy gifts. Got 'em! Maybe?


  1. It was quite the magical place- Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing ;D

  2. Very magical! We love finding fairy and gnome homes, too. :)

  3. so beautiful, it is incredible to witness this magic in the woods!