Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Literacy Comment

Simple Mom is having a week of giveaways. If you have not checked her out, you should. Each giveaway has a question to comment on. http://simplemom.net/summer-week-of-giveaways I commented on the literacy question. Of course I got so carried away I passed the 'one tip limit'. Here was my comment: I think literacy is a gift. My DS is 21 months old. We have been reading and singing to him from the beginning. We make up songs for putting on socks, wearing a hat and changing a diaper. There are books in the living room, playroom, bedroom, bathroom and car. The books cover different ages, writing styles, illustrations, prose, photographs, people, places and things. All give him a love of reading. Now he is even 'reading' to us! We also make a game out of pointing out things in his surrondings like numbers at the store, birds in the fields and trees outside and the colors of flowers. It is an exciting world to explore through his eyes.