Friday, May 29, 2009


May I just rather write, that I get such a rush from receiving and reading comments. For some the computer and Internet have a stigma of being cold and not personable. I will admit I thought this also. As I dive into different a applications on the computer I am constantly surprised on how personal it can become. When you write, you share. Your thoughts, triumphs, sorrows, and knowledge are put out to the world to be read. It can be fairly daunting when you try to grasp just how many people you just sent to. When I read other postings I do feel connected. I sometimes feel that if the writer was my neighbor, what great friends we would be. To play devils advocate I could say that I should have that connection with my 'real' neighbors. I was raised in the country, so my interaction with neighbors was probably vastly different from city folk. When I struck out on my own and lived in a city I realized how close our walls were. It was eerie for me, no true privacy. Today I am only partially connected with some of my neighbors. Some of them smoke, speak a language I don't, work night shift, and have very different priorities or goals in life. I am friendly. I wave. I give veggies, fruit, cookies and outgrown clothes to a couple of them. But I do not feel as though I could ever sit and say most of things I write to you all. The phenomenon of connection with the Internet really hit me hard when a tragedy happened to a women who posted on a forum I had recently joined. The forum is community of green mamas who share, educate, ask and answer questions openly. The women and her children were killed and the prime suspect was her husband, who had shot himself also. It was tragic, heartbreaking and is still hard to write about. I cried and I prayed for the family lost and living. I had never shaken her hand or bumped into her in the supermarket. She lived on the East coast and I am on the West coast. But we were connected. She had given answers to some of my questions. I had read her posts to other questions. I then realized the power of the Internet. It is not just a place to shop, search, and read. It is a place to be connected. I thank you for that.


  1. What a thoughtful post.
    This is so true about connecting with people online it is like instant community... I also like that you included talking about community in our everyday life our brick and mortar neighbors, so to speak. My thoughts and prayers are with the family you mentioned...

  2. I am enjoying blogging more than ever expected. The joys and sorrows are all real.

  3. I know of the family you speak of. It had hit me pretty hard too. Even though I didn't personally know her, we did belonged to many of the same communities. I think when you share the same ideas, dreams, hopes, and inspirations for not only ourselves but our families with others we do make that connection. That's why it effects us all. We continue to keep her and her family in our prayers.
    As for the internet- when we find like minded people through the internet we do make bonds. It's like finding a long lost friend or keeping tabs with a buddy that moved away. We're fortunate to be able to have those ties and communities.