Sunday, April 19, 2009

Learning I just finished reading this post from the link above about how children learn and the public school system. It struck a chord with me. I had a great public school experience. My high school experience lacked in educational value, but I take responsibility for that. My DH did not enjoy his public school experience. Throughout HS he found himself knowing more about subjects than his teachers and that frustrated him. Our son is 20 months old. We have a bit before he enters the school system. But the only common ground we have when it comes to the education of our son is that we what the best for him. I would think that most parents would agree and those that would not probably do not have the education or confidence to challenge the existing system. I am currently in our back yard watching my son in nothing but a CD play in the dirt, smell flowers, climb and push around trucks. I am amazed at the rate at which he explores in order to learn more about the world around him. I am in awe of the connections he makes. Earlier I was picking weeds from the flower beds. DS came over and said, "Cow". The connection is that when we are at my father's house I pick cheeseweed for DS to give to the cow. Today I pulled cheeseweed out of our garden and he said cow. He also grabbed a handful, headed inside the house and to the front door asking for Papa. Apparently he wanted to go right then to Grandpa's to feed the cow. I never want to squash this learning.

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