Monday, September 27, 2010

Hadn't Thought of it That Way: Sauce

My DH read the other day that instead of using jared spagetti sauce we should use stewed tomatoes to make our sauce. The reasoning is that whole tomatoes are used for stewing so the better ones are choosen. The rest, including the kulls, are pured are jared for sauces. Making sauce from stewed tomatoes is as simple as pouring the can into the food processor and hitting the button to puree. Then pour it into a pan and add whatever favorings you desire such as basil, wine and garlic. I know the next step for us is making our own sauce from tomatoes in our garden. But it is hot in the summer where I live and the idea of boiling and processing sauce all day is not tempting. So until the cooler weather arrives we have switched to the can!

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