Monday, June 14, 2010

Because It's Necessary

Today Clayton took off his diaper and went into the bathroom only to take off most of the animal stickers on his potty board and decorate his naked body. He then proceeded to his bedroom with his belly covered with stickers and a large lion sticker on his butt to take them off and put them on his bed sheet. I can only assume that he did this, because it was necessary. Moments like these are perhaps my favorite. I watch him baffled and amused as he does some of the most bewildering activities because it's necessary.


  1. How funny! When my kids do stuff like this I wish they had cartoon thought bubbles over their heads to tell me what they're thinking...

    I love your header photo, and Clayton's gorgeous curls!

  2. I would love a thought bubble also!

  3. It was his way of transporting the stickers from the bathroom to the bedroom- of course ;D