Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thanks Mom

My mom passed away in 2000. Most times I think of her and smile, but there are other times I am overcome with tears. This past sunday, Mother's Day, I was in church listening to my niece sing in the choir. I prayed that my children would truely know their Grandma Mary. It was one of those overwhelming moments where tears fall. How do show my children how incredible their Grandma was, how much she would of cherished every moment with them and how big her smile would of been when they walked in the room? I have no video of my mom so they can see how she lit up a room. They can never hear her one of kind laugh. Those things make me sad. I hope that when they are older and ready they ask about her because I want to share with them. When Clay was an infant he was a bit of a grumpy baby, he rarely smiled. But there were some morning he would wake up all grins. I decided those must of been the nights my mother was visiting him. Every morning he woke up smiling I thanked my mom. I look forward to those same smiling mornings with my newest little one on the way. My Mom was far from perfect and absolutly amazing. She was a gift. Thanks Mom!


  1. Brandy, thank you for sharing with us the beauty of your mom. Your children will come to know Grandma through you as they grow. As you know I lost my Dad before my little's were born, and I can't wait to share all the goodness he has brought into my life, so I know exactly where your coming from. Don't worry Mama, I know they'll get to an age of wanting to hear everything you have to share. I think it's beautiful to know your mom visits Clay. Babies know these things too :D

  2. What an amazing post! Tia Mary was such an amazing woman and we were very lucky to have known her and be close to her. Whenever we talk about memories they usually include The Engmans.
    we love you so much!!