Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sticker Alert!

***Barefoot Books giveaway at mamasmiles!*** Clayton and I played with stickers, our own 'homemade toddler stickers'. This super complicated activity (just kidding) is done with cut out or ripped shapes and tape. With young toddlers I suggest Mom or Dad put the tape on the shape and hand it over. If this is not working, dial it back by taping down the shape once your little one has placed in the paper. If you have a sliding glass door or large window use double stick tape and cover them! Dissecting Sticker Play: Sticker play with little ones starts off as a fine motor activity. Transferring those sticky things to a piece of paper is hard work! Once the art of transfer is refined it becomes more of a math activity working on spatial relations or building mass. As time goes on it evolves into an art project as the child chooses which design to put where and possibly coloring around it. Extend it further still as a literacy activity with preschool age children by making sticker stories. The child creates a sticker picture and then narrates it while Mom or Dad scramble to write it all down. Also for older ones I found this post on Skip to my Lou on how to make your own lick and stick stickers. I have not tried it yet, tell me if you do! These last two were done with labels. The one on blue paper was from labels that had out of date information on them. Clay first colored the label paper and then we started peeling. The other was a 'whoops' print job. I accidentally printed a Barefoot Books flyer on label paper. But don't worry they did not go to waste and still hang up in our dining room.


  1. What a cute (thrifty) idea to make your own stickers with tape. Stickers can be expensive. We used to use the 1 cent postage stamps sometimes, too. Just this week I was in a bookstore and was "charmed" into spending $6 on a thin sticker book with stickers that don't even stick very well. I couldn't resist -- my two year old came running at me with this HUGE open mouthed surprised smile, like he absolutely could not BELIEVE his luck at having located a sticker book on the shelf in the store. :)

  2. kids love to stick and play with stickers... this is a great idea and the best part is you're not wasting! :) :)