Wednesday, November 11, 2009


The mail carrier left our doorstep and I heard a thumping. It was a soft thumping coming from the mailbox. A package! With a somewhat shaky hand I lifted up the package. I heard a mumbled and gurgled voice say 'Play with me' coming from inside the package. My curiosity had a tight grip on me now! Clay and I decided that opening it outside would be best. Clay slowly reached in and then quickly pulled out a small muslin bag. The bag hurled against the sidewalk, clonk! 'A Rock!', Clay exclaimed. But that wasn't it at all. 'Itz a monster!', Clay said and he was right. Wike arrived at our home the other day from Columbia, Missouri. He is a beautiful er..frightening shade of blue-green with sharp teeth and red feline like eyes. We are very happy to welcome him to our home after participating in a giveaway from Mamaroots. Wike was originally created by her son on paper and then his sweet and talented mama transformed his creation into wood. Clay quickly introduced himself and got to know Wike on a more personal level. Wike likes cows, dirt, reading stories, playing in boxes and eating corn. I am confident that Wike will be happy here. He has already promised to eat any riff raff that may be coming out of Clay's closet or from under his bed when Clay is older. Hmm...What is it? 'Itz a monster!' Wike perched in laundry while Clay reads him a book. (He is a very good listener!)

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