Saturday, February 21, 2009

Brobee Fell

My girlfriend Rose's son, Tyler, is turning 2. He is having a Yo Gabba Gabba birthday party today. For his gift I had my sister in law, Holly, make a Brobee cake. Yesterday Chris picked it up in Modesto and safely transported it home. Brobee looked great! He was so vivid and cute. After ogling for a bit I cleared a shelf in the frig and went to put him in for the night. Brobee fell. The cake board bent in the middle and Brobee fell. He broke his shoulder in two places, lost a horn and well...was decapitated. All the kings horses and all the kings men could not put Brobee together again. I was forced to call in a cake doctor who had a lot of patch work to do not to mention the many bumps, bruises and smears of red frosting from his horn all over his green body. At 2am Brobee was back again. He had been patched and mended. The tell tale signs of his ordeal do show. His color is a little dull in places, his fur a bit thin and the horn on his head is a different shade of red and sunken in. But Brobee is back again. Cost of Cake: $40 Cost of Cake Repair Kit (my mad dash to the store to buy cake mix, frosting, food coloring, black and white icing and every shade of red and green to try and match it): $50 Cost of never telling my sister in law that I defiled her cake: Priceless

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  1. Ouch Brandy...that's one expensive Brobee! Thank you and we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!