Friday, January 23, 2009

A wonderful start

This morning Clayton woke up saying 'Cow, Cow, (pause) Cow'. When he sat up I noticed that his, full to the max, diaper had become unfastened during the night and had leaked through his pj's and onto the bed. I quickly removed the diaper. Clay is now in his pj's and naked butt. I proceeded to take him to the diaper station. He started fighting that immediately, because he wanted cow. He screamed, cried and tried to roll off his changing pad. I managed to get another diaper on him and then started to take off his pee pee pj's. I was getting one arm out when our dog, Pappas, came into the room. I should mention that this alone is strange. Pappas, who is 11 yrs old, is the first to blot when Clay gets loud. Pappas has also just had multiple growths removed and has many stitches, staples and skin glue on various parts of his body. Because of this we have had to keep him inside all day, only outside potty breaks. Just when I get one arm out I hear running water. I turn around to see our poor dog is skipping around the room trying not to pee on himself. I set a screaming Clay on the floor, run to door with Pappas who slips coming around the corner and slides to the door. The alarm goes off once I open the door, Clay comes crying out of the room with one arm still in his pj's. And all I can think is, "Oh, this is a wonderful start". I take Clay's pj's off and start to clean the rug and I am reminded of a email that was sent to my husband about having a bad day. The email tells of a man who performs underwater repairs on offshore drilling rigs. Apparently they have this nifty system of sucking up the ocean water, heating it and pumping it down to where the divers are with a hose. The man warms up his wet suit by sticking the hose down the back of his pants. On this particular day he has a scratch on his bum but the moment he scratches it his bottom begins to burn! He takes the hose out of his pants and realizes that the water heating system had sucked up a jellyfish and pumped it into his pants. When he scratched his bottom he wedged the jellyfish into his butt crack. The email goes on to tell of the man's agonizingly slow trip up the surface where co workers and medical professionals could not stop laughing. He had to put cream on his bum and could not poop for 2 days because it was so swollen. So even though my day continued by taking another hour to get Pappas and Clay into the car for a vet appt where Pappas pooped in the car, it started to rain and as soon as I finally started the car I smelled a poop was still not a 'jellyfish day'.

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